Frau Müller statt Jane, Euro statt Dollar, Leipzig statt Houston: Bei einer Localization passe ich Ihren englischen Text für den deutschen Markt an. Dabei geht es nicht nur um Namen oder popkulturelle Anspielungen – auch die Tonalität wird an hiesige Gepflogenheiten angepasst. Beispielsweise punkten Sie bei der deutschen Zielgruppe oft eher mit Fakten als mit Superlativen.


  • Localization
  • Glossar, Tone of Voice, Brand Style Guide
  • Übersetzung von Marketing-Material, Interviews und ppt-Präsentationen aus dem Englischen
  • Übersetzungslektorat & Qualitätssicherung
Localize it
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🇬🇧 What is localization? 🇬🇧

Localization is more than just translating. Which translation is correct? How do we create a glossary to ensure consistency? What does our tone of voice sound like in German? What style do we use in our copywriting and translations?

As companies are going global, many are becoming aware of cultural differences in the process. How do you address a German audience? When American enthusiasm meets „deutsche Sachlichkeit“ (German objectivity), there can be quite a culture clash. British sarcasm may be lost on Germans as well. Let’s face it: The stories and case studies your Marketing department has been using may not work for your German target audience.

I offer extensive language services for companies with English as a corporate language:

English-German Language Services

  • Localization
  • Glossar, Tone of Voice, Brand Style Guide
  • Translation/Localization of marketing assets, interviews and articles, ppt-slides etc.
  • Translation editing, quality assurance (e.g. of machine-translated or agency-translated content)
  • Gender-inclusive language

Check out this excellent example of localization I found on Twitter.

Localization by a professional copywriter

Have a copywriter localize your copy – it shows! While making sure your message comes across, I will also put my marketing know-how and creativity to use and make your copy sell. German is a difficult language (all those long words!) and using inclusive language makes it even more complex.

I am a German native speaker and an experienced communications specialist (Master of Science in Communications Management) with an extensive background in journalism and Public Relations. I have been doing translations and localizations (English – German) as well as German copywriting and editing since 2015. Among my clients are international corporations such as Indeed, Vattenfall and Miro.

I have also been teaching copywriting, storytelling and inclusive language at corporations and the Institute for Management Consulting.

Know-how & personal interest

  • Communications (PR + Marketing)
  • Human Resources, Employer Branding & Labor market
  • Psychology
  • Ecology + Sustainability
  • Science Communications
  • Software Development + KI
  • Education


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