What’s localization?

There’s more to translation than meets the eye. More and more companies are going global – and most of them are becoming aware of cultural differences in the process. How do you address a German audience? When American enthusiasm meets „deutsche Sachlichkeit“ (German objectivity), there can be quite a culture clash. British sarcasm may be lost on Germans as well. And what if the examples or stories your Marketing department has always used just won’t work for your German target audience?

A storefront featuring a really long German word: FUSSBODENSHLEIFMASCHINENVERLEIH. Meaning "Floor grinding machine rental"
German is a complicated language. Make sure all those long words make perfect sense.

About me

My name is Lydia Krueger, I am an experienced communications specialist (Master of Science in Communications Management). I offer translation and localization (English – German) as well as German copywriting and editing.

Special know-how and personal interest:

  • Communications (PR + Marketing)
  • Human Resources
  • Psychology
  • Software Development + KI
  • Ecology + Sustainability
  • Education

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to talk about how I can help you.